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2013 Sponsors

I would not be able to do "What I do" with out a great support team!  Thanks to all my sponsors!



Our goal has been to become the premier Multi-sport coaching provider in the Delmarva area.  With well over 12 years of coaching experience & 6 years of pro racing, TriCoach's  knowledge/experience will help any athlete reach their goals. 

Multi-Sport Coaching


Powerbar was my first sponsor back in 2000 and they have gone out of their way to help me reach my goals!  Great company with great people.  I would not have had the success I've had with out them.  I use all Power products in my Ironman nutrition plan.

Nutrition Products 

Lake Cycling

I was a Lake athlete when I focused on ITU Duathlon racing.  Now that I am back racing professionally, Lake has picked me back up as one of their athletes.  Lake has great cycling shoes and that is why I continue to wear them in my racing and training. 

Cycling Shoes

Xterra Wetsuits

Xterra is a long time sponsor, I'll been with Xterra since 2003.  They makes some of the best wetsuits on the market.  You can find a great wetsuit options for your experience level at a great price.  Speed suits are also a great option for non-wetsuit swim races.




Swimming Wetsuits 

Karbon Speed

A new company that is looking to put out the best race wheels on the market.  Finally a good product that is affordable!  I will be racing the 88mm Carbon Clinchers in 2013.

Cycling Race Wheels