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Winter Training

My main focus over the winter has been to get more power in my legs so I've been doing a lot of stability and strength sessions in the gym.  I am about a month and half into the training and I've picked up 30 watts on the bike already.  Hope that level of improvement carries into the spring...


Post Kona Race Report

Stomach & Cramping issues:

Kona was set up to be a fun vacation with a low intensity low expectation race.  I thought I could comfortably race somewhere around 9:45 without going into too much pain.  I wanted to go out and enjoy myself and not push my limits so I would be mentally and physically ready to get to work training this winter. 

That was the plan…  We got out to Kona 3 days before the race.  I had a minor stomach issues that started about a week before the race and it last for about 10 days.  On race day I had about 8 trips to the port-o-johns throughout the day and I believe that caused some cramping that I could not overcome.  My hydration was OK and I supplemented sodium tabs about every 45-60 minutes.  Felt physically fine until the cramps hit around mile 100 on the bike.  I just could not push the pace without my Quads and Calves cramping. 

When I rolled into T2 I physically could not get off the bike…  I was laughing at the volunteer try to take my bike.  I could not get my leg around the bike because of the cramps and he was trying to get me off the bike; I told him “Dude this may take a while”….  I shuffled through T2 and realized this was not going to be a comfortable run.  I would run until I started to feel the cramps and then I would walk until it felt better.  I ran the whole marathon that way.  I did keep a good mental state of mind on the run.  I really enjoyed the race and took in the whole atmosphere.  It is an incredible race and all the athletes that make it out their (Professional & Age Groupers) are amazing! 

I’ll be back out there in 2 years (2014) and I being racing as a Professional, tuff to do but I have 18 months to get ready before I start acquiring Ironman points

After the race Britt and I really enjoyed the island; 3 days in Kona and 4 days on the island of Kauai!  Absolutely beautiful!   We got married in Kona and spent our honeymoon in Kauai so it was sort of reliving our wedding 7 years later. 


Long ride....

I finished a 112 mile ride on my computrainer this week.  Not that enjoyable but got through it.  Only 2 more long rides before Kona!


Lake Cycling is a Sponsor for 2013 

I was a Lake athlete before I stepped away from professional racing in 2007.  Now that I am back to racing professionally Lake has taken me back on.  We are both looking for a great 2013 season!


The next big race for me will be the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI October 13th 2012.  You can follow my progress on

This will be my last race as an Age Group Athlete for a few years.  I did well enough this year to pick my Pro card back up so I will be racing all of 2013 as a Pro Triathlete.

Swim Start World Championships


 Powerbar continues to put out great nutritional products for endurance athletes.  Check out their product line at

I will be using all Powerbar nutritional products in my Ironman races. 

I will give away a box of Powerbars to any athlete that picks the winner of Men's winner of the Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI Oct 13th 2012.  Email your guess to